I believe that by sharing what I’ve learned from classes and experiences, I also learn and understand more of what I learned, and at the same time, also discover things that I missed. I do hope that this would help and inspire you with some tips and tricks and be able to apply to your personal projects, be it a website, graphic design, an art piece, or anything related.

Because of my time constraints with real life, I will be adding some tutorials little by little, so please stay tuned when you can. Thank you very much! 1

Let’s Build Projects (LBP)

Web Things for Procrastinators

  • Markdown (for web writers and hobbyists)
  • Emmet (HTML and CSS scripting for the antsy)
  • Sass (CSS supercharged… but they can also be for procrastinators too.)
  • LESS (If you don’t feel “sassy,” you can feel LESS in another way…)
  • Stylus (It’s “sassy” without the squiggly lines and anything else squiggly.)

Scripts for the Everyday Hobbyist Web D_er

  • CuteNews (the brand-new CuteNews!)
  • BellaBook (flat-file based PHP guestbook script)
  • BellaBuffs (flat-file based PHP fanlisting script)
  • PHP Guestbook (flat-file based PHP guestbook script)

Other Stuff Everybody Should Know (but aren’t required)

  • Terminal/Command Line
  • Version Control (Git, Mercurial, GitHub, Bitbucket, SourceTree, etc. etc.)
  • Responsive Web Design
  • .htaccess Basics
  • Grids (for designing in general, including web design)
  • Typography (supposedly the “right” way?)
  • Local Environment (or “Build your sites (and apps) without uploading to the server first!”)

Everyday WordPress Stuff

  • Simple Themes
  • Child Themes
  • WordPress Site Migration
  • SEO stuff
  • WordPress-powered Site Optimization (or how you make your WordPress site run faster)
  • WP Security Tips and Other Stuff
  • Other Helpful Snippets
  • Creating a Site Collective with WordPress Multisites

Some Simple (and necessary?) Digital Art Stuff

  • Watermarks

Stress-Free Art Therapy

  • Zen Doodle
  • Zentangle
  • Mandalas

On the sidenote…

  1. I pray to God that I do have enough time and inspiration to write these tutorials… 😓

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