Cherry Blossom, Little Wolf

Sakura Kinomoto & Syaoran Li

I am building my very first shrine in 10+ years! Or rather, I am RE-building a shrine from 10+ years ago. See how I build it using the newest techniques and tools. Cherry Blossom, Little Wolf is my old fanfiction collective site for my all-time favorite manga/anime couple, Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li of the series Card Captor Sakura. To commemorate the series’ 20th Anniversary, I am rebuilding my very old shrine into something fresh and new, once again.

The following tools and techniques will be used in this LBJ:

  • Hugo
  • Materialize
  • Basic command line/console
  • Classeur (our Markdown text editor app)
  • Dropbox (for test site hosting)
  • .htaccess stuff (to add some special powers to this site)
  • GitHub (optional)
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