aFAQs (A Few Asked Questions)

  • You know those FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sections that you see on most of the sites today? This is similar to an FAQ, except in a way, it’s the opposite.

  • It’s both. There are at times where I actually refer my tutorials as part of my journal too.

  • For tutorials, when I have time to write them. Like the majority of the world’s population, I have a life also that doesn’t involve this site or even web development in general.

    For journal entries, whenever I’m inspired to do so, which could be anytime.

  • I might, but as far as freebies go, I would rather give away something that I’ve made from scratch, rather than using existing sources to build something and then offer them as freebies. Like for example, if I were to offer free fonts, I would offer fonts that I created myself. If I were to offer website layouts or simple WordPress themes, that these freebies are created freehand by me.

    As of this point, I don’t have anything to offer, as I am also going through my own educational journey. But one day, I might. Just stay tuned for now.

  • WordPress can be a bloaty, heavy CMS script that can use up a lot of server RAM, web space and of course, can be vulnerable to errors and security when it comes to databases (especially mySQL) if not being properly maintained. I will eventually put up some tutorials or commentary regarding WordPress in general (because I love this blogging software so much!), but at the same time, I’m also experimenting with my site building using other tools like static site generators.

    In addition, I also would like to introduce a few not-very-common tools for every hobbyist web designer/developer out there. I did start off being a hobbyist web designer/developer and currently going through a transition of being in the professional world in the same field. Building websites shouldn’t always have to be tedious or daunting, and I’d like to share other alternatives to those who prefer something simple or easy to handle. That’s all.

  • [added 6/2016]

    Lately, I have been getting attacked and insulted by “anonymous” comments (those who don’t put a name or a real email address) personally on a certain entry that wasn’t intended to attack or insult anyone in the first place. I’m open for agreeing to disagree on certain subject matters written on this site, however, I find those who start attacking/insulting me personally just because they disagree with what I’ve written as just plain trolling/hating.

    Agreeing to disagree on subject matter is one thing. Insulting and attacking a person directly is something else. And in addition, hiding behind an “anon” name and email address while they showed the guts to even insult and attack me isn’t just rude and disrespectful, but most of all, cowardly.

    I personally don’t like moderating comments myself, but I need to do what needs to be done. After all, this is my site and I can run it as how I see fit.

  • The NINPOJineous is meant to be a personal project, plus I want to use this site as an experiment for writing tutorials and other guides. Not only that it will help me learn about everything I’ve written here, but I also hope to use this as part of my portfolio that would help me land a job somewhere.

    [added 8/19/2017]

    Originally, I intended to keep this under a subdomain, but because I am transitioning to a new URL for my portfolio ( instead of, it would be a lot safer if I purchase its own domain to house this learning journal. Even though I have plans, such as opening an online shop of some sort, the whole deal about guest writers or having ads on my site still applies like before.

  • Suggestions on topics related to anything art, design, or web development are always welcome. I can’t promise that I would write and post them right away, but you can always send in your suggestions. If it’s something brand-new to me and that I’ve never heard of it, give me some time to research it first (unless if you’re willing to explain to me what that is and provide me some links for me to check out for more info).

    Just contact me via the contact form or in any forms of social media available at the icons at the header. Thank you!

  • You can read about me in the About section or at the footer below.

  • You are welcome to ask more via the Contact section. If it’s an important question that I feel should be added in this section, I would definitely add it here.

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